Ranged and Throwing in Lords of The Fallen Explained — Gamer Tweak

Ranged and Throwing in Lords of The Fallen Explained - Gamer Tweak

While melee combat sits at the heart of the Souls-like experience in Lords of the Fallen, many players want to incorporate ranged gameplay to make battles easier from a distance. However, you need more than simply throwing daggers or a bow to allow you to pelt foes. This guide explains ranged and throwing in Lords of the Fallen.

Ranged and Throwing in Lords of The Fallen Explained

Ranged and Throwing in Lords of The Fallen Explained - Gamer Tweak

Ranged combat allows you to engage enemies from a distance in Lords of the Fallen. To start using ranged attacks, equip a ranged weapon in your main hand weapon slot. You’ll also need to equip throwing items like axes, knives, or grenades in your ammunition slots.

Once equipped, hold the left CTRL/L2 button to enter the ranged stance. This brings up your ammunition wheel, where you can select the desired throwing item or arrow type. For quick shots, hit the left mouse or R1 button. Hold the right mouse or R2 button for more precise aimed shots, and use your movement controls to adjust your aim before releasing to fire.

  1. Equip your ranged weapon.
  2.  Hold the left Ctrl (on PC) or LT/L2 (on console) for enter Ranged eStance.
  3.  Select the desired ammunition.
    •  To perform a quick shot, press the left mouse (on PC) or RB/R1 (on console).
    •  To perform an aimed shot, hold down the right mouse (on PC) or RT/R2 (on console).

Remember that each type of ammunition has a cost in range slots. More powerful arrows or explosives will consume more slots per use than basic ones. Below your stamina bar you can see how many slots will be used for your next shot. If you run out of ranged slots, you’ll need to replenish them before you can continue ranged combat.

Ranged slots automatically refill when resting at Vestige sites. You can also use ammunition pouches or satchels from your inventory mid-mission to regain slots without retreating. Throw ranged weapons by holding Q/triangle while in ranged stance.

That covers everything you need to know about ranged and throwing in Lords of The Fallen. While you are here, I suggest you take a look at our dedicated section for the LOTF Guides. We have covered plenty of helpful content for you there.

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