How To Download Free Audiobooks On Spotify Premium

How To Download Free Audiobooks On Spotify Premium

In this article, you will learn how to download free Audiobooks on Spotify Premium. In recent news, it was made clear by Spotify that more than 150,000 audiobooks will be available for Premium subscribers. It is also worth mentioning that a Spotify Premium subscription will include access to 15 hours of free listening per month from the 150,000 titles. Note that the service is live in the UK and Australia, but will later be rolled out to other markets. So, without further ado, let us see how to listen to Spotify audiobooks for free below.

How to Get Free Audiobooks on Spotify Premium

How To Download Free Audiobooks On Spotify Premium

It is very easy to get or download free audiobooks on Spotify Premium, check out the step-by-step method below on how to do that:

  • First, you need to launch the Spotify app on your mobile phone, PC, or any other device.
  • Then, in the left panel, click on the Search option.
  • On the right side, under “Browse All”, click on Audiobooks.
  • Just navigate to the bottom a bit and find the “Free audiobooks” column, just click on it and get inside.
  • Next, select a free audiobook from the 150,000 titles freely available and then navigate to its detailed page.
  • Below the specific audiobook that you selected, click on the “Get” button.
  • Finally, a pop-up will appear that will tell you that the audiobook is automatically ordered. Simply go to the main page of the Spotify app and now you will be able to play the same audiobook for free.

As mentioned above, this new feature is reserved for subscribers to Spotify Premium, which in this way is preparing to become a real center of audio content.

In addition, Spotify is also adding new ways to track your billing. The app will show you how many hours you have left to listen to an audiobook and allows you to purchase additional hours of use before a new monthly fee is charged. It’s worth noting that this monthly 15-hour listening option is only valid for individual, Duo, and family plan managers.

Finally, Spotify is adding a new timer that lets you pause audiobook playback at the end of the current chapter, so you can continue listening where you left off at any time.

The new feature of getting free audiobooks on Spotify Premium will be available initially to the subscribed users in the UK and Australia and later in the US later this year. For now, there is no information regarding the release in India.

That is everything you need to know about how to download free audiobooks on Spotify Premium. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to start a Jam session, and how to connect to Discord, only on our website Игровые новости.

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