BG3 House With Flowers Guide — Gamer Tweak

BG3 House With Flowers Guide - Gamer Tweak

If you’ve played through Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you may have encountered a persistent quest marker for the “House With Flowers” that refuses to go away, even after completing the related quest steps. This marker can confuse, making players wonder if they missed something or triggered a bug. We’ll explain how to clear the House With Flowers in BG3.

What to Do in the House with Flowers Quest in BG3?

BG3 House With Flowers Guide - Gamer Tweak

The House with Flowers quest begins after you help Halsin defend the portal in the Druid Grove, and he tasks you with finding his missing friend, Thaniel. You need to travel to the ruined house south of the grove, overrun with shadowy vines and foliage.

Inside, you will encounter Oliver, who has remained invisible. Speak with him to learn he is the other half of Thaniel’s soul. Oliver will then challenge you to two rounds of hide and seek – search the house thoroughly as he hides to find him within the time limit. Oliver will reward you with the Ring of Shadows magic item if you win both games.

However, you must defeat Oliver in combat to reunite Oliver with Thaniel and lift the Shadow Curse. He will shield himself magically – you’ll need to battle waves of shadow monsters that materialize to weaken the shield. Once it breaks, focus damage on Oliver to overcome him.

After defeating Oliver, you can convince him that joining Thaniel again is the right choice. He will agree to help. Return to Halsin at the Druid Grove to inform him you’ve found Oliver. Halsin and Oliver will then work together to heal Thaniel and restore the balance of light and shadow.

By resolving the conflict between the souls, you complete the House with Flowers quest and take steps towards ending the curse. Don’t forget to loot the house for extra rewards as well.

Like House With Flowers In BG3, there are plenty of such important decisions to make. That’s why, I suggest you take a look at our BG3 Choices & Consequences Guide for help. We have mentioned outcomes for all the choices you can make on different occasions.

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