What Happens If You Drink Formula Gruna In BG3

What Happens If You Drink Formula Gruna In BG3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter Araj Oblodra, who offers you a mysterious potion called Formula Gruna. She claims that drinking this potion will allow you to explode when your blood comes into contact with fire. We’ll explain whether you should drink Formula Gruna in BG3.

Drink Araj Oblodra’s Formula Gruna in BG3?

What Happens If You Drink Formula Gruna In BG3

As the adventurer holding Formula Gruna, you have an important decision. Will drinking provide a useful advantage to aid your quest, or does its creation by a shady Drow spellcaster promise more harm than good? Is this “Unstable Blood” ability really worth the risk?

While having explosives in your bloodstream may seem like an enticing power, there are some serious downsides. For one, you give up control over when and where explosions will happen. If you take damage in combat and bleed on the ground, any stray fire could trigger an untimely blast that hurts your own party.

Another thing to note is that these explosions will likely only do minor damage to enemies but could set unwelcome fires. Lastly, drinking an unknown potion from a suspicious figure like Araj is inherently risky, as she may not be truthful about its effects.

Better combat options are available without jeopardizing your own safety. Spells, weapons, and consumables can deal significant damage without the unpredictable element of exploding blood.

The small possible benefits don’t outweigh the risks of harming yourself and your allies or losing control of combat situations. For these reasons, most players are likely better off declining Araj’s offer and finding more certain ways to prevail in battles. While instability may sound appealing, relying on volatile insides is a gamble not worth taking when a victory can be achieved through more stable means.

That’s it for whether you should drink Formula Gruna in BG3. To help you more with such choices and tips & tricks on this game do check our BG3 guides section.

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