TOTK Bladed Rhino Beetle Farming Location On Map

Here’s the exact location where you can farm Bladed Rhino Beetles in Tears of the Kingdom.

TOTK Bladed Rhino Beetle Farming Location On Map

Players will need the Tears Of The Kingdom Bladed Rhino Beetle location while trying to make the Mighty Elixir which gives you a better attack power. The recipe calls for a Monster Part, for which you can use a ChuChu Jelly and of course, a Bladed Rhino Beetle. Aside from that, you can also increase the power of specific armor sets, such as the Barbarian Armor set, or create a Navy dye color at the Kochi Dye Shop.

In the vast world of TOTK, knowing where to find and farm the Bladed Rhino Beetle can be handy and in this guide, we will also cover how to catch these creatures.

Bladed Rhino Beetle Location in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Bladed Rhino Beetle in TOTK can be found on trees so, whenever you are in a forest, look for them on the barks. Apart from that, you may spot them on rocks, especially in West and East Necluda.

Bladed Rhino Beetle Farming Location

TOTK Bladed Rhino Beetle Farming Location On Map

To farm multiple Bladed Rhino Beetles in one place, fast, head to the Bronas forest, shown on the map here. You need to head to this location and find a cooking pot to pass the time until it’s nighttime.

TOTK Bladed Rhino Beetle Farming Location On Map

Once you are ready, climb up trees or find them at the bottom of tree trunks. They should be easy to spot because of their blue color. You might also find other beetles like the Rugged Rhino Beetle right here.

How to Catch Bladed Rhino Beetle

All you have to do is approach this creature and pick it up right away. Unlike butterflies, they won’t try to escape as soon as they hear footsteps.

That’s all about the Bladed Rhino Beetle location in TOTK and where to farm this creature. For more related to Tears of the Kingdom, make sure to check out our dedicated category.

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