Starfield: Why Is Sarah Morgan Mad At You? (Answered)

Starfield: Why Is Sarah Morgan Mad At You? (Answered)

Mastering the art of combat and space exploration, Sarah Morgan is one of the best companions in Starfield during the early game. But as you progress, you may ask why is Sarah mad at you in Starfield for no reason. For the players that blame Bethesda for this bug, let us assure you it’s not due to a bug. As a romanceable love interest, Sarah is bound to have some feelings that may not align with yours. This can also possibly put your relationship with her if you are upset or press her to a certain level.

But as players complete the Rescue Barrett (Back to Vectera) mission, many are reportedly facing this issue without any cause. Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out all the reasons why Sarah is angry at you.

Why is Sarah Morgan Mad at You in Starfield?

Starfield: Why Is Sarah Morgan Mad At You? (Answered)

Like every companion, Sarah Morgan has her unique likes and dislikes in Starfield. As an esteemed chair member of the Constellation, she is passionate about the faction’s mission, leading through action, and earning the trust and respect of her peers. Keeping these things in mind, she will be happy with you whenever you favor the faction and be a Goody-positive member. However, Sarah Morgan will be mad at you in Starfield whenever things go south.

These include the following actions:

  • Hurting or Killing faction members (including Adoring Fan).
  • Pickpocketing or stealing civilians.
  • Getting arrested.
  • Taking down UC or Freestar Collective Ships.
  • Killing innocent and friendly Civilians or NPCs.
  • Attacking Civilian Ships.
  • Committing Bulgaries or Briberies
  • Any illegal stuff (including working in a Drug Lab)

Nevertheless, Sarah also gets mad in Starfield for no particular reason at times. If that happens consistently with you, we recommend loading an earlier save when she wasn’t mad. But if she is still reacting the same, we recommend leaving her at the Lodge. Then, wait somewhere for 24 hours in-game and return to her. You will find that Sarah is no longer angry or annoyed by your actions.

That’s all about why is Sarah Morgan mad at you in Starfield. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out if should you keep or destroy Hurst’s ship, if should you walk away or into the Unity, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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