Location of Catrin’s Missing Pendant Lords of The Fallen

Location of Catrin's Missing Pendant Lords of The Fallen

In the Sunless Skein area of Lords of the Fallen, you may encounter Byron at the Vestige of Catrin. Byron reveals that Catrin’s cherished pendant has been taken from her resting place. He requests your assistance in discovering who stole the pendant before they leave the vicinity. This guide will show you the location of Catrin’s Missing Pendant Lords of The Fallen.

Catrin’s Missing Pendant Location in Lords of The Fallen

Location of Catrin's Missing Pendant Lords of The Fallen

Byron will entrust you with finding Catrin’s stolen pendant after you first meet him in the Bellroom’s Vestige. To start the quest, go to the Sunless Skein and fight with the Skinstealer boss to drain the water. Once drained, return to Byron near Catrin’s Vestige. He will officially give you the quest. Now, you must go to the hidden Revelation Depths area to find the thief, Winterberry.

Backtrack from Catrin’s Vestige and go left through the tunnel until you reach the Skinstealer battlefield. Go downstairs and take the left tunnel, following it all through until you find a ladder to pull. Cross the wooden bridge and head left along the stone path.

Keep following this path along the wall until you see cages above. Go under them and continue until you find another tunnel leading to Revelation Depths. Pass through here until you spot a wooden bridge overhead.

Finding the Thief Winterberry

Cross the bridge and keep going straight past the Vestige seedling. Take the right path after the fire and drop down two ladders. Kick the plank blocking the bridge ahead and enter the side tunnel to your right. Follow this tunnel until it opens up to a small altar area. Take the path left from here, and you will find Winterberry at the end of the tunnel, kneeling in prayer.

Confront Winterberry, and he will flee. Return to Byron near Catrin’s Vestige to complete the quest and be rewarded with an Umbral Eye for finding the missing pendant and identifying the thief.

That’s all you need to do to get Catrin’s missing pendant in Lords of The Fallen. While you are here, feel free to browse through our dedicated section for LOTF Guides on Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of them for your reference.

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