How To Use The Iron Flask In BG3 — Gamer Tweak

How To Use The Iron Flask In BG3 - Gamer Tweak

Few of the many mysterious items one can discover while exploring the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 are as enigmatic as the Iron Flask. This strange metallic container is found in various locations, but possessing it raises more questions than answers – what is it for? We’ll explain all you need to know about the Iron Flask in BG3.

How To Find The Iron Flask In BG3

How To Use The Iron Flask In BG3 - Gamer Tweak

The mysterious Iron Flask can be found in a cave north of Blighted Village. To reach it, jump over the broken bridge and head uphill. You’ll come across a large pack of gnolls led by a powerful Gnoll Warlord. Be prepared for a tough battle.

A strategic approach is to use your Mind Blast ability to influence the Warlord. Convince it to turn on its allies – this removes the biggest threat while giving you a powerful temporary ally. The Warlord will later kill itself, saving you the fight.

Once the gnolls are defeated, you’ll find two men trapped in the back of the cave. They won’t help in combat. You have two options – knock them out to loot the nearby chest or let them live. The chest contains the Iron Flask.

What If You Open It

Inspecting the flask will reveal a powerful creature trapped inside. Releasing it causes the creature to attack nearby enemies and companions.

What If You Give It To Zarys

This completes the Missing Shipment side quest. Handing the unopened flask to Zarys rewards you with a unique bow called Harold and improves merchant stock. Opening it first angers Zarys and the Zhentarim.

What If You Throw

Throwing the flask damages enemies from a distance and releases the creature to prioritize the closest targets, reducing risks to your party. This can weaken powerful foes.

There are plenty of such important decisions to make in this game. That’s why, we suggest you take a look at our BG3 Choices & Consequences Guide for help

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