How To Use ChuChu Jelly In TOTK? Explained

Found some ChuChu jellies in TOTK as drops but don’t know how to use them? Luckily, they have multiple uses!

How To Use ChuChu Jelly In TOTK? Explained

How to use ChuChu Jelly in TOTK? During your journey in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you may have already encountered Chuchu monsters – those globular bug-eyed enemies who look cute at first glance but can deal quite a bit of damage. After defeating them, you get these little ChuChu Jellies (which are essentially monster parts) and the game tells you that they have fuse attack power. But apart from that, it’s not very clear about their usage straightaway.

Here’s a guide that will explain what to do with ChuChu Jellies in Zelda TOTK and how it can help enhance your experience and make Link more powerful.

How To Use ChuChu Jelly In TOTK? Explained

How to Use ChuChu Jellies in TOTK?

The in-game description says it’s “A gelatinous substance that came from a Chuchu. It’s unstable in this state, but applying a bit of elemental stimulation will change its form.”

So, what to do with Chuchu Jellies in TOTK? They can be used for:

  • Cooking Elixirs for boosts
  • Fusing with Weapons
  • Throwing at Enemies
  • Dyeing Armor
  • Upgrading Armor

Cooking elixirs

Find a cooking pot on a flame and use Monster Parts to cook and make elixirs. For example, for cold resistance, you can use the Spicy Elixir which can be cooked with a Summerwing Butterfly or Warm Darner and any Monster Part (a Chuchu Jelly).

Similarly, with a Sunset Firefly and a Chuchu Jelly, you can make a Sneaky Elixir that gives you a stealth boost.

For Heat Resistance, you need Cold Darner or Winterwing Butterfly + ChuChu Jelly and so on.

Fusing with your Weapon or Shield

You can attach a ChuChu Jelly of a particular color to your weapon and attack enemies with it. This will unleash a particular type of damage like fire (Red Chuchu Jelly), ice damage and freezing (White Chuchu Jelly), shock/electric (Yellow Chuchu Jelly) and water damage (Plain ChuChu Jelly).

What does Fuse Attack Power Mean?

It says +1 Fuse Attack Power because it will increase your attack power by 1 when you fuse it with a weapon, arrows, or shields.

Throwing at Enemies

Similar to fusing ChuChu Jellies to your weapon, you can also throw them at enemies and they will deal elemental damage upon impact.

Dyeing Armor

As soon as you reach the Hateno Village, you can dye your armor at the Kochi Dye Shop. Talk to Sayge in the shop and use ChuChu Jelly to add color to your helmet, chest piece, and pants by shelling out some Rupees. If you are short of the currency, here’s how to farm Rupees fast in Tears of the Kingdom.

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