How To Unlock Phoenix Raid In Blox Fruits

How To Unlock Phoenix Raid In Blox Fruits

Phoenix Raid is notably one of the toughest raids in the game. Although it is difficult and belongs to the Advanced raid category, successfully defeating your enemy in this battle will help your character in leveling up. In this Roblox game, raids can be a great source of earning extra Fragments, as the maximum amount you can earn by doing one raid is $1,000. In this guide, we will cover all the steps you need to take to Unlock Phoenix Raid in Blox Fruits.

How to unlock Phoenix Raid in Blox Fruits

How To Unlock Phoenix Raid In Blox Fruits

  1. To get this raid, firstly, you will need a minimum of 400 or more mastery on your Phoenix Fruit. You can easily get this done by defeating enemies and NPCs.
  2. You will then have to go to the Third Sea and enter the Sea of Treats.
  3. Now once you have reached this place, you will have to locate a red building with yellow dots.
  4. When you spot this building, go around towards the back of this place.
  5. Behind, you will come across an NPC called ‘Sick Scientist’.
  6. Once you speak to him, he will ask you to help him by healing his wounds. You can then click on ‘Attempt To Heal’
  7. He will then tell you that he is healed and as a payback, he can help you evolve your abilities.
  8. Once you have agreed, he will ask you to purchase a Phoenix Special Microchip for $1,000.
  9. You can buy this from him. This will allow you to host Phoenix Raids.
  10. From here, you can go to Castle On The Sea and visit the Mysterious Scientist NPC.
  11. He will then ask you to select a raid type, you can click on ‘Advanced’, and you will see that you have unlocked Phoenix Raids.

Using these steps you will be able to unlock Phoenix Raids in Blox Fruits. You can also check out how to awaken Phoenix Fruits and other Blox Fruits guides, here on Игровые новости.

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