How To Help Kukajin In Lords Of The Fallen (Stone Woman)

How To Help Kukajin In Lords Of The Fallen (Stone Woman)

If you are wondering how to help the woman in stone, Kukajin, in Lords of the Fallen, it’s alright as completing some quests can be a bit complex. Similar to other Soulslike games, you will come across a wide range of NPCs while exploring the Mournstead. One of these NPCs includes Kukajin who’s the woman stuck inside a stone located at the Forsaken Fen. But note that attacking her will instantly kill her and lock you out of her questline or rewards.

So, you must rescue the woman encased in the stone in Lords of the Fallen. For that, you will need some specific spells, items, or throwables. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out how to help the Stone woman in LOTF.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains spoilers about the quests, NPCs, and rewards. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the time to head back and check again later.

How to Help Kukajin in Lords of the Fallen (Stone Woman)

How To Help Kukajin In Lords Of The Fallen (Stone Woman)

You can rescue Kukajin or the Stone Woman in Lords of the Fallen by using any AoE Radiant spell. Note that you can also use any throwables to free her from the state of being stuck. She will transform into her original state as soon as you use either of them. Kukajin will thank you for freeing her and reward you with the Pendant of Induration.

  • Resting at any Vestige will move her to the Skyrest Bridge. The nearest one is the Vestige of Valade.
  • Return to the place where you met her stuck or trapped in the stone. You can get a Wilmarc’s Catalyst from there which was otherwise blocked by her.
  • To meet Kukajin again, head to the Skyrest Bridge and search for her around the main hallway.
  • She will be sitting in one of the rooms across the hallway.
  • Interact with her and exhaust the dialogue options.
  • She will introduce herself as Kukajin and offer you her services as a companion.
  • As a result, you can summon her during tough difficult boss fights for help.
  • In return, she will ask you to pay her for these services.

The following are all the boss fights where you can summon Kukajin in Lords of the Fallen:

  • The Lightreaper
  • Tancred
  • Spurned Progeny
  • The Sundered Monarch
  • Master of Castigations
  • Elianne the Starved
  • The Hushed Saint

If you honor and are consistent with the payments, she will disappear after a time and reward you with some items. They are as follows:

  • Kukajin’s Sword
  • Kukajin’s Armor
  • Kukajin’s Gloves
  • Kukajin’s Leggings
  • Envenomed Shield

That’s all about how to help Kukajin in Lords of the Fallen. If you liked this guide and found it helpful, explore more Lords of the Fallen Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.

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