How To Get To Lower Calrath In Lords Of The Fallen

Check out how you can easily reach Lower Calrath in LotF.

How To Get To Lower Calrath In Lords Of The Fallen

Depending on the path you chose while playing Lords of the Fallen, Lower Calrath will be the seventh or eighth area that you get to. You will have to reach here if you want to make your way to the Upper Calrath. This place is also home to encounters like Infernal Enchantress for a boss, NPCs like the Wayfarer, or items like Odd Stone. So here is a quick guide on how you can reach here.

How to Reach Lower Calrath in Lords of the Fallen

How To Get To Lower Calrath In Lords Of The Fallen

After you defeat Ruiner in Fitzroy’s Gorge, here is the path you take:

  1. Follow the natural path to the other side of the bridge.
  2. Continue ahead then take a left and break the cart blocking your path. Take care of the grim reaper-like enemy here.
  3. Soulflay the platform and reach the other side. Eliminate the sniper enemy attacking you.
  4. Next, use the stairs on the left, go down a floor, enter the Umbral realm to Soulflay the Umbral belly to get Umbral Eye of Hooked Antuli then use “Emerge from Umbral” on the balcony-like area.
  5. Now continue going down the tower.
  6. Here you will come across some hounds and some other enemies. Eliminate them and run past the Archway.
  7. Keep following the natural path down and you will come across a few enemies and eventually find a gate in front of you.
  8. Turn back and go up and defeat the enemies. You will encounter Mendacious Visage here.
  9. Switch to the Umbral realm here and Soulflay the Umbral belly to collect Saintly Quintessence and then exit the Umbral realm.
  10. Now go back down and use the Archway on the left.
  11. Next, turn right and go straight and enter the area past the candles for entrance.
  12. Follow the natural path and climb up the ladders.
  13. Finally, keep progressing and once you reach the other side you will get to Lower Calrath.

You know you are at the right location because the game shows it to you as a popup upon your arrival. Furthermore, the village will be on fire.

That’s all on how you can get to Lower Calrath in Lords of the Fallen. Since you are looking to get to different locations also check out how to get to the Tower of Penance. As for more help on other topics of this game be sure to check out our Lords of the Fallen section.

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