How To Get Potatoes In Starfield (Location)

Searching for Potatoes in Starfield? Follow this guide and understand where you get this food item.

How To Get Potatoes In Starfield (Location)

Potatoes in Starfield is a food item you can use for cooking and also provides temporary health benefits. This game is filled with minerals, resources, and a few other items that you can use to prepare food. All these resources can be either farmed or bought from vendors that are spread across different systems. With the urgent need to collect so many different items from different planets, it becomes quite nerve-racking to search for one specific resource. Therefore, you can save some time and follow this guide to get all the locations where you can get Potatoes in Starfield.

Where to find Potatoes in Starfield

How To Get Potatoes In Starfield (Location)

You must be looking for this item if you have started the ‘Escape From The Endless Voyage’ quest. You can find all the locations where you can find them right here.

  • To get Potatoes, you can visit Jane’s Goods, which is present in the city of Cydonia on the Mars planet. This is the best place to buy it as it is always stocked with this particular food item.
  • Another location is in Akila city, go to the Shepherd’s Store and purchase it from the AID section.
  • You can also get it at the New Homestead Store which is located on the planet Titan, in this city of New Homestead.
  • You will need to get 50 Potatoes for the quest, and chances are you will have to visit a couple of stores to get the amount you require. Some of the other vendors are –
    • CJ’s in New Atlantis
    • Quickshop in Neon
    • Clint’s Collectibles on the planet Gagarin
    • General Goods in The Key
  • This item can be purchased for 30 – 35 Credits, depending on the seller. If you are in urgent need you can even wait for 48 hours. There will most likely be a seat near the front desk or at the back of the stores you visit, wait there and then go back to get a restock.

These are all the vendors you can visit to get Potatoes in Starfield. If you are looking for more cooking-related topics in Starfield to satisfy your inner chef, you can also check out how to get Eggs, and Best Foods in Starfield, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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