How To Get Memory Substrate In Starfield

How To Get Memory Substrate In Starfield

Memory Substrate in Starfield is classified as an Organic Resource. Since it is a rare item, getting it can be quite difficult. This resource is used for crafting recipes and is very important while building outposts. Navigating different resources for your crafting needs can become hectic and monotonous. Therefore, to help you out, we have listed all the locations you can get Memory Substrate from in the game.

How to Get Memory Substrate in Starfield

How To Get Memory Substrate In Starfield

We will mention all the ways you can get this resource in Starfield.

Purchasing Memory Substrate In Starfield

  • The easiest way to get this resource is by buying it from Vendors.
  • One of the locations where you can find it is Jemison Mercantile, which is located on the Planet Jemsion and you can find it in the city of New Atlantis.
  • Another place in New Atlantis will be the UC Distribution Center and the Trade Authority. You can check their inventory and purchase it.
  • You can also find it at Shepherd’s General Store which can be found in Akila City, on the planet Akila.
  • On the planet Mars, you can find this resource at UC Exchange, this store can be found in Cydonia.
  • Lastly, you can try getting this resource from Newill’s Goods which is located in Neon on the planet Volii Alpha.

Farming Memory Substrate In Starfield

  • If you are low on Credits, you can farm this resource, as well.
  • The location that is filled with this item is the Bel System. You can land on any planet in this system.
  • Once your ship has landed, try to search for Drone Filterers, they will be floating in the air, just a little above the ground.
  • Once you kill them, you can farm this resource from them.

These are all the ways you can get Memory Substrate in Starfield. If you liked this guide and want to know about Starfield, you can also check out how to get Amino Acids and Membrane Location, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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