Can You Fix Chest of the Mundane Bug in BG3? — Gamer Tweak

Are you wondering how to fix the Mundane Chest bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? Larian explains this annoying bug.

Can You Fix Chest of the Mundane Bug in BG3? - Gamer Tweak

Many Baldur’s Gate 3 players have reported issues with an in-game item called the Chest of Mundane not functioning as intended. This chest is meant to allow storage of items for easy access across different saves. However, some find that the chest’s features, like storing and retrieving, are not working properly due to bugs. Is there a fix for the Chest of the Mundane bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

Fix for the Chest of the Mundane bug in BG3

Can You Fix Chest of the Mundane Bug in BG3? - Gamer Tweak

Many players have encountered a seemingly frustrating bug with the Mundane Magic Item Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Previously, placing items in the chest would reduce their weight, allowing you to carry more without being weighed down. In recent patches, however, this functionality no longer works. There is no fix for Mundane Chest bug, and here’s why:

What was the Bug?

According to Larian Studios, the developers of BG3, the original Chest of the Mundane implementation that reduced item weights was the unintended bug. The chest was never meant to alter weights in this way.

Rather than reducing weight, the Chest of the Mundane is supposed to function more like a traditional Bag of Holding. It allows storing items without counting towards your carry limit. But items inside would still have their normal weights.

No Fix Available for the Chest of the Mundane bug

By fixing the chest to work as originally intended rather than reducing weights, Larian removed what players saw as a helpful feature. Unfortunately, there is no way to reintroduce the weight reduction normally, as it was never a legitimate game mechanic.

Can Modders Provide a Solution?

With time, a mod may become available that restores the previous Chest of the Mundane functionality as a homebrew option. But officially, Larian considers the current behavior without weight reduction to work as intended. For now, players will need to manage inventory weights more carefully or send excess items to their camp for storage.

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