Brawl Stars Not Working & Keeps Crashing Fix 2023

Here are some things you can do to fix when Brawl Stars won’t start or will crash on startup.

Brawl Stars Not Working & Keeps Crashing Fix 2023

Many players are facing the Brawl Stars not working error as it keeps crashing on startup and they need a fix. Since it is an online game, it is understandable the game’s server may occasionally be down and offline for a while. This is especially true when there is a new event starting like the Hypercharge Unleashed. Luckily, the developers have given some workarounds to solve it. So here is what you need to do.

How to Fix Brawl Stars Keeps Crashing Error

Brawl Stars Not Working & Keeps Crashing Fix 2023

You can update your game to the latest version so that it no longer crashes on startup, as the developers have fixed this issue. But if it isn’t working for whatever reason then here is their official workarounds to solve it. You can check their Twitter post here. Do note that these workarounds are meant for iOS so they may or may not work for Android.

  • Rotate your phone: Upon starting the game once you are past the Supercell screen, rotate your device horizontally by 180 degrees. For some reason this fixes the issue and your game won’t crash.
  • Take a screenshot: Similar to the above method, once you are past the initial loading screen, quickly take a screenshot. iPhone users can press lock and volume up at the same time. The game will now work.

In case these fixes don’t work for you then here are some other general things you can try:

  • Check Brawl Stars Twitter: You should check their Twitter to see the game’s current server status. Go to their account @BrawlStars to find out about any upcoming updates or maintenance schedules.
  • Restart your game: Another basic fix is to completely close the game and remove it from your recent apps. Now restart the game and should no longer crash.
  • Clear the game’s cache: Android users can go to their App Settings and look for Brawl Stars. Here you should find an option to clear data and clear the cache. Try clearing the cache first and if that doesn’t work you can also clear data. Do remember that clearing data will require you to download additional files again and you will also have to log in to your account.
  • Check your connection: Another reason the game may be crashing is due to a faulty connection. Do a speed test to check if your internet is stable, if it isn’t then you can refresh your connection by disabling and enabling airplane mode or by restarting your router if you play on Wi-Fi.

That’s all on how to fix Brawl Stars crashing and not working error. While you are here you should also check our guides on how to get clown pin, get gems, and all creator codes for this game.

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